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The Secret to Impactful Workplace Inclusion

Have you heard the phrase, the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

Well: I prefer not to generalize, but when it comes to creating inclusion on purpose this phrase rings true. To make inclusion a leadership priority, we must focus on creating meaningful impact with our actions.

And our good intentions are of secondary importance compared with how our actions impact others. Especially people from underestimated, underrepresented backgrounds.

That’s why I am so honored and excited to present my first LinkedIn Learning course: Moving DEI from Intention to Impact.

It’s FREE for the next 24 hours!

I created this course for leaders and aspiring leaders who desire to create inclusion, and need practical skills and actions to translate their intention into impact. Because I meet so many leaders who are trying to bridge this gap and aren't able to. That was once me too.

Why? The challenge is simply: we live in a world that prioritizes comfort over learning.

We mean well, so even if we make a mistake, we’d rather focus on our good intentions than learn from their negative impact.

This mindset is an enormous obstacle to creating meaningful impact on inclusion, but it is something we can change. That’s why it’s critical to seek out resources and situations that normalize experiencing discomfort, making mistakes, brushing ourselves off and trying again.

That’s exactly what my course does: equip you with lifelong skills that promote inclusive impact. Side effects may include, but are not limited to: a more dynamic and rich social life, leadership opportunities, greater self-compassion, strong empathy muscles, and more.

I’ve also been deeply, honestly, and painfully vulnerable about my own DEI journey; the moments that made me cringe and the ones that made me cry. The times I fell down, but then got back up again and vowed to learn from my mistakes. How I learned to take inclusive actions intentionally, by focusing on the impact of those actions. Course-correcting and growing. Knowing that this is a life-long journey.

I can’t resist sharing a few teasers from some of my favorite takeaways:

1. Cultivate an Inclusion Mindset

In Moving DEI from Intention to Impact, you’ll learn how to apply a growth mindset to develop your inclusion mindset. An inclusion mindset depends on you to be willing to work hard and strategize and seek input from others – especially your peers from underestimated backgrounds, who have almost certainly experienced exclusion and bias at work. Your experiences and perspectives alone won’t cut it.

2. Normalize – and Move Forward from – Your Feelings

You’ll take an honest look at what happens in your body (heat, tension, sweat) when you feel shame – the most common reaction when anyone gets feedback about biased or racist behavior. You’ll learn to recognize those physical feelings as human and address them with compassion, so you can keep moving forward without letting them derail you.

3. Diversify your Social Circle

The average white American’s social network is 91% white (!!!) Consequently, the first time many Americans interact with someone of a different race or ethnicity is at – you guessed – work. I’ll invite you to take a candid look at your network and social circle, and the perspectives you’re missing from your life. Homogenous social networks lead to bias and exclusivity in the workplace. And there’s plenty you can do about it!

4. Flex your Empathy Muscles

You’ll also learn how to decenter your worldview, to welcome and make space for the experiences and perspectives of others. This is not a zero-sum game, but one where everyone (including you!) wins. With the skills you’ll learn in my course, you’ll be equipped to have a richer, more vibrant, and much more inclusive life and workplace.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of Moving DEI from Intention to Impact – your greatest takeaway or “aha” moment. Your feedback means the world to me, and I cherish every one of your comments and private messages where you share your learning.

Reminder, Moving DEI from Intention to Impact is free for the next 24 hours! Upon completion, you’ll have new skills under your belt for the rest of your life.

Please share your feedback once you've taken the course, as I'm always looking to learn too!


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